Pittsburgh Shoot

Awhile back during a shoot up here Erika (you can also find her fashion blog here) and I had discussed doing something a little more fashion oriented preferably in a city to get some fun backdrops for the photos.  Life interferes sometimes, between work and classes it wasn't until the end of June before I was able to get away, but we both found a day when we could get together for a shoot.  

We had a few problems actually getting together with work delaying the start, and police shutting down a few streets she needed because of a protest, but eventually we both made it to the Pittsburgh Fairmont!

This was a much different shoot than I was used to, part of it in a hotel room, part of it outside, I used a camera I haven't in ages (the Fuji X-Pro2), and while I started with my usual prime lenses, I switched to the XF 18-55mm for the vast majority of it.  Really had a great time with it though, learned a few lessons, remembered how fun using a smaller camera can be, the freedom that not being tethered (both literally to a computer and figuratively to all my studio gear) gives.  I think this is something I'll be trying to do a lot more often.