Vintage Shoot

One of my favorite ways to spend a weekend is shooting with a group of fun and creative people, and a couple weeks ago I was able to do just that.  Ok, admittedly I do that pretty much every weekend, but this one was something I’d been thinking about for several months, first time shooting three people at once and a little more involved planning from a wardrobe and styling perspective.   


While plenty of things had to get changed from the original idea, I actually really enjoyed pulling together production for this one and what we ended up getting. The idea of two backgrounds cornered together to make a pseudo room was something I’d seen people do for awhile and always wanted to try. Leslie at Indigo on Chestnut was kind enough to let us use one of her chairs and with the exception of the red dresses all the wardrobe came from The Academy Theatre

One of the looks I’d wanted to go for was a more elegant look, the all red dresses actually ended up being by chance. When I was picking out wardrobe I forgot to take into account a little thing like sizing :) Needless to say, this caused a few problems and decided to scrap that idea, instead I’d asked them to bring whatever dresses they had and liked in the style. Erika had this fantastic red gown and Autumn had her green homecoming dress. Toss in a few things from my previous/future shoot closet (the one Maddie’s wearing will just be known as Maddie’s dress from now on till I just give it to her) and we were able to pull it off anyways.

Course, what shoot happens without forgetting something? In this case it was something tiny…shoes. I’m sitting down an hour before the shoot pulling my pose inspiration ideas into one folder and realize I’d completely forgotten to account for shoes at all.  Quick panicked texts later and Erika’s already got some packed, Madison and Autumn bring their show shoes and potential disaster averted. Luckily they all had the same size feet too, so from now on Autumn’s idea of planning shoots around model foot size is in effect.

I think once spring/summer hits though…I’m still shooting the original idea, and going to try doing it at the Baldwin Reynolds house instead of in a studio.


From left to right (above) Autumn Vogel, Erika Gilmore, and Madison Morgan